Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 6 English Subbed

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"Mysterious Step Up"

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Episode Summary: While shopping for clothes, Akira is met by Ayuko who talks to him about using first names with her boyfriend, Kouhei. Ayuko deduces that Mikoto and Akira do not use each others' first names via an abridged drool swapping with Akira. She then accosts Mikoto similarly and talks to Mikoto about first names briefly before Mikoto excuses herself. At the park Akira preys upon a sleeping Mikoto by whispering her first name to her. Akira has another weird dream again and blurts out that he wants a photo of Mikoto when they are walking to school. Later, Akira is waiting for Mikoto at a bridge and his old crush, Aika Hayakawa, invites him to a coffee date. After he declines the invitation, Akira finds Mikoto hiding at one of the bridge ends and says she did not want to interrupt the conversation. While walking back, Mikoto and Akira talk about Akira's crush inviting him to coffee. After a drool swap, the two understand each others feelings before Akira whips out the camera again to try and take a photo of Mikoto.

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