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Episode Summary: In order to save Eve, Blade would need to learn the ability to control the mind. The Byakugou, a jewel placed on his forehead, would be able to drain out the power of his enemy if it is placed on their forehead. As Disc continues to recover Blade, Gido act as decoy against the Simeon Girl Squadron, while Cruz sneaks past them to get to Kurumi's body. Saten, another of the four elite from the Simeon Tower, suddenly appears and instills fear on everyone. He sends Cruz with Kurumi's body next to Disc near Blade's body, and Blade reawakens after learning the ability to control the mind, before the squadron tries to finish him off. Using the ability, Blade commands Eve to destroy the viruses inside of her, returning her back to normal. Eve heals Blade's wounds completely while fending the squadron off at the same time. Blade then takes on the squadron alone while Eve goes off to heal the rest of the group.

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