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"Lilith Temptation"

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Episode Summary: Kuchinashi, having spoken for the first time, uses her ultimate attack, a fragrance which makes people see their greatest desire in an alternative dimension. Teruyama easily defeats Blade and Arclight; Eve guesses everyone's name right in a game show; Set finds a pile of gold underground, thanks to Disc; Solva sees Arclight and Saten captured, and she becomes ruler; Gido reunites with Kazumi, one of his former laboratory partners; and Cruz is surprised to see that his sister, Aruka Schild, is still alive. Disc, not affected by the strong scent, watches as the Simeon Girl Squadron effortlessly beats up the ones affected. However, Cruz, realizing he is in a trance, runs away from his sister, which snaps him out of it. Blade reveals that he is not affected by the strong scent since he is already surrounded by cute girls. He takes out Kuchinashi and Mio first, allowing the affected ones to come back to their senses. Learning the ability of speed, he attacks Setsuna head on. But before Blade has the opportunity to finish her off, Saten intervenes.

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  1. Dave

    Oct 26th, 2013

    So much gasping for something for something you aren’t supposed to breath…

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