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"Aruka Schild"

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Episode Summary: Cruz concludes Saten uses his ability in the order of absorption and redirection. The masked woman uses her ability to speed up kinetic energy, breaking Set's sword right before her eyes. Teruyama and Solva attack the mask woman, cracking her mask and revealing her to actually be Aruka, Cruz's long-lost sister. She is actually a spy from the Simeon Tower, sent to leak top-secret information about the Resistance. There is a data chip inside Cruz's pendant containing that information, as she was ordered to retrieve the data chip to Arclight. In order to protect Cruz from harm, Set and Solva attack Aruka, but they are no match against her since she has already figured out their abilities. Even Teruyama's immunity to heat has no effect against Aruka's ability. Aruka then severely injures Cruz, but as she attempts to kill him, Blade stands in her way.

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