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Episode Summary: Saten claims himself as the new leader of the Simeon Tower. He wants to claim Eve as the bearer of his future children, so he forcefully takes her into his arms and knocks her unconscious. It is implied that there are traces of Kazumi inside Eve after the lab accident. Teruyama, Set, and Solva combine their abilities for a grand attack, but Saten overpowers them with that of his own. Not even Setsuna, Kuchinashi, and Mio can stop him with their abilities. After Riru mourns for Arclight and reminisces of her life spent with him, she uses her body as a sacrifice to revive him. Blade attempts to use his Byakugou on Saten, but latter starts to dig into the former's chest. Arclight, first appearing as Riru, subdues Saten and shows that his heart and right eye are completely healed. Arclight then uses his Byakugou on Saten, but this does not start a reverse rejection reaction. Instead, by using the field generators around the tower, this consumes all of Saten's learned abilities while it erases his very existence at the same time. Before he vanishes, he returns Eve to Gido, who cries out for him.

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