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"The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still"
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Episode Summary: The electrical power in Tokyo-3 is completely cut off as a result of sabotage by parties unknown, trapping most Nerv personnel inside, and worse, trapping all three Evangelion pilots outside of the base. A new Angel, Matariel, appears and begins to burn its way down to Nerv headquarters by using a corrosive acid attack, and everyone inside must struggle to power up the Evangelions, as the pilots try to make their way back into Central Dogma through a maze of closed corridors and air ducts. The pilots then enter their Evas and go into battle. After traversing more vents and passageways, they come face to face with the Angel. Asuka defends Shinji and Rei from Matarael's corrosive acid, while the other two pilots retrieve Shinji's rifle. Shinji then uses the rifle to destroy the Angel.

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