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"Lilliputian Hitcher"
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Episode Summary: The pilots are undergoing a synchronization test directed by Ritsuko deep within Nerv headquarters when a new Angel, Iruel, appears within the base itself, being initially mistaken for corrosion. This Angel is actually a collection of millions of microscopic organisms, which interact to create a living biological computer circuit. Iruel infects Nerv's computer network, and then infiltrates two of the three Magi supercomputers, controlling the base before Ritsuko is able to set up a firewall to slow its advance. Iruel is trying to trigger the Nerv base's self-destruct, which requires a unanimous vote by all three supercomputers. Although Ritsuko's firewall slowed the advance of Iruel's infiltration, it is gradually taking over the last supercomputer, and Ritsuko must race against the clock to program a self-termination kill-code which will trick the Angel into destroying itself and restore control of the base.

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