Nichijou Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Nichijou Episode 12"

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Episode Summary: Yūko starts the day with a great mood, but she panics once at school after realizing she forgot her homework at home. Misato becomes flustered when Kōjirō tries to help her choose a juice from the vending machine. When she randomly ends up picking the one he recommended, she shoots him. Annaka goes to a shooting stall where the only prizes are eggplants and boxes of candy. After several tries, she discovers the prizes are all nailed down and is told to never come back. Mio and Yūko go to a theme park, and Yūko goes into a zombie-like state when she learns that Mio lost her wallet with all her money. The Professor attaches a wind up key on her back similar to Nano's and tries to act like her, but she does not last long since she cannot get used to it. Nano tries to seize the chance by having the Professor remove her key while they are switching roles, but fails.

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