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"Nichijou Episode 18"

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Episode Summary: Yūko brings Mio to the reopened coffee shop hoping to see her become confused by trying to order coffee but runs away crying when she learns Mio understands the menu. Ms. Nakamura makes coffee with a stronger drug for Nano but accidentally drinks it. Misato scolds Kōjirō for skipping cleaning duty but she blushes when he agrees to do it. Yūko goes to meet Mai at a fast food restaurant in another town but due to a series of misunderstandings she is laughed by a little girl who happens to be Misato's younger sister, who turns out to be also meeting Misato at the same restaurant. When Yūko finally meets up with Mai, she is shocked to see Mai in a knight costume and wants to go trick or treating despite Halloween being over a week ago. The Professor shows off a robot powered by biscuits called "Biscuit 2" to Nano and Sakamoto but neither of them find it surprising. Yūko has another 'Fey Kingdom' dream that reveals how Mio got her fuzzy pigtails.

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