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"Nichijou Episode 19"

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Episode Summary: While Misato, Weboshi and Fecchan are waiting during a rain, Fecchan decides to entertain the others only to get herself wet and dirty. Yūko tries to help Mio perform a high jump correctly which the latter succeeds after she accidentally headbutts Yūko, who in turn does the same thing to Mio in retaliation, pushing her over the bar. The Professor tries to get the laundry after it starts to rain but accidentally drops it. When she tries to blame the whole thing on Sakamoto, Nano decides to "punish" her and make no dinner for the Professor which the latter quickly admits the truth. Mio and Mai learns from Yūko that they forgot to do their assignments but are forced to seek shelter at a Shinto shrine after it rains, this begins a chain of bad luck happening to them eventually involving the shrine's priest. Kenzaburō and Yuria referees a go-soccer match between Makoto and Mr. Takasaki with his friend Ogi from the Go club explaining to the former two who realize what kind of club they have unfortunately joined.

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