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"Nichijou Episode 20"

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Episode Summary: Mio has Nano, Mai and Yūko help her draw her Yaoi manga that she is submitting. Unfortunately, Nano is embarrassed over the Yaoi, Mai keeps drawing unnecessary things in the manga and Yūko accidentally spilled ink on one of the pages and tries to unsuccessfully fix it. Meanwhile, Misato has a talk with her senpai Yoshino over her feelings but the latter wasn't listening and instead, gives Misato spicy crackers. Nano plays a game of Hide and Seek with Sakamoto and the Professor but when neither of them can't find the Professor and decides to take a break, the Professor, scared that they won't find her, immediately comes out of her hiding place. Back at Mio's home, Mio loses her temper on Yūko about how her friends aren't helpful in drawing her manga especially Yūko, who instead of buying the papers she needs to draw her manga, bought drinks and made unfunny jokes. When Yūko tries to explain something, Mio continues shouting at her until she realizes that Yūko did indeed buy the papers much to her embarrassment.

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