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"Nichijou Episode 22"

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Episode Summary: Tsuyoshi goes to the Shinto shrine to disprove exorcism by faking being possessed but when the priest gives logical conclusions for his problems, Tsuyoshi goes too far in his act which angers the priest after the former damages the shrine. Later, Tsuyoshi tries to escape working as his father's daifuku mascot but his father anticipated it so he put paint inside the daifuku mask, but to his father's shock, Tsuyoshi forcefully pulls it out, ripping his hair in the process. Yoshino encounters Mihoshi, who the latter does not like the former due to being naturally talented in Kendo. When Yoshino is distracted petting Sakamoto, Mihoshi tries to sneak attack her but instead hit the one person she wanted to beat, her Kendo assistant instructor. Fecchan tries to give a positive outlook when Weboshi's meatbun falls on the ground, but when her popsicle also falls leading to series of accidents on her, Fecchan throws a tantrum while Weboshi comforts her. The Professor drags Sakamoto out for a walk while Nano is waiting for her friends at home. However, the Professor and Sakamoto encounter Mai and her dogs but get trapped by the dogs when Mai suddenly disappears. Thankfully, Yūko and Mio arrive and calm the Professor by saying the dogs are harmless, except the dogs bite them both. When Mai returns, she apologizes to the Professor by giving her chocolate. The Professor and Sakamoto then run away when two new dogs arrive at the scene. The dogs, Buddy and Kobuddy, actually came to pet and comfort Yūko and Mio over what happened.

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