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"Nichijou Episode 23"

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Episode Summary: Yoshino has Mio taste her homemade jam which Mio finds disgusting and learns that it's made from fermented salt-cured fish. Ms. Sakurai finds a dirty magazine in Makoto's room which leads to an embarrassing and awkward argument between the siblings. Later Makoto brings Mr. Takasaki to the go-soccer club to be their club adviser but when Makoto mistakenly assumes Kenzaburō and Yuria are having intimate time together, Mr. Takasaki uses this chance to escape but comes back and agrees to be the club's adviser after Makoto bribes him with a photo of his sister in high school. At the same time, Weboshi decides to confess her feeling to Tsuyoshi with Fecchan tagging along but when the girls finally see him, they are dumbfounded that Tsuyoshi is now bald. Mai visit Nano at her home but the Professor doesn't like her as she's still upset over the incident with Mai's dogs. As Mai tries to win over the Professor, she finally succeeds after drawing pictures of sharks for the Professor.

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