Nichijou Episode 24 English Subbed

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"Nichijou Episode 24"

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Episode Summary: Yūko catches Kōjirō helping Nano and tells Mio. At first it seems Mio is unfazed but then she starts questioning Yūko what were the two were talking about. But when Mio calls Yūko an idiot after learning nothing happen between them, Yūko takes revenge by lying that Kōjirō was kissing Nano much to Mio's shock, after which Mio has a wild fantasy involving Nano and Kōjirō. As the Tachibana sisters go home after Kendo practice, both sisters are surprise when Misato learns Kōjirō has been attending Kendo classes and Mihoshi finds out that Kōjirō is in the Acting club and not the Kendo club. Mihoshi decides to tease her sister by telling her to confess to Kōjirō only to be shot by a bazooka by a flustered Misato. When Sakamoto gets sick and Nano taking care of him, the Professor pretends to be sick as well to get the same treatment but Nano refuses as she knows the Professor is lying which the latter throws a tantrum that Nano plays favorites with Sakamoto. While buying drinks for her friends, Mio encounters Kōjirō picking up her coin but she is too embarrass to speak to him which Kōjirō uses Mio's coin to buy a drink at the vending machine only for the machine to malfunction. Later that night, both Misato and Mio have thoughts about their feelings for Kōjirō.

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