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"Nichijou Episode 25"

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Episode Summary: Misato wakes Kōjirō to go to their next class and in her embarrassment, accidentally smashes his glasses. Despite that, Kōjirō is more concern on the cuts on her hand. Feeling responsible, Misato decdies to walk hand in hand with Kōjirō to class where they are seen by everyone but she shoots him with rocket launchers when she learns the glasses were for show. However, Mio catches the two together which shocks her and she runs away crying which Yūko chases after her while Nano calls for Ms. Izumi and Mai for help. As Yūko chases Mio running throughout town, Mio finally stops after rescuing a boy drowning and gets thanked by the boy and his friend, the police officer she knocked out before and an old man who was impressed with her shadow boxing which she finally calms down. Meanwhile, Ms. Nakamura chases after Nano when the latter, Ms. Izumi and Mai were looking for Mio but gets lost but luckily ends up at Nano's home. Nano invites Ms. Nakamura inside but the latter suspect it's a trap so she immediately tells Nano that she wants to know more about her which Nano misunderstands, thinking Ms. Nakamura wants to have a relationship with her. But when Ms. Nakamura is shocked to see Nano's creator the Professor and Sakamoto, who's upper body is trapped in a bag(which she thinks is a Homunculus), Ms. Nakamura tries to escape only to get caught in a puddle of glue. Later, Yūko, Mai and Nano are worried that Mio has yet to get over her heartbreak so they poorly disguise themselves as daifuku mascots running a lucky draw and give Mio a prize; a voucher for a life-long friendship with Yūko, Mai and Nano. Mio is touched by this and is glad to have them as friends.

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