Nisekoi Episode 16 English Subbed

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7 Responses to “Nisekoi Episode 16”

  1. Nyooo

    Apr 26th, 2014

    thanks for uploading dude ^_^

  2. Kennykw

    Apr 26th, 2014

    I haven’t watched yet but I know this is gonna be another awesome ep SO THANK YOU! This anime never disappoints me.

  3. Kaenin

    Apr 26th, 2014

    XD dat reference at the last second of the video

  4. samuraisone

    Apr 26th, 2014


  5. SykeAweTikk

    Apr 26th, 2014

    by the way, those animations in episode 13 really creeps me out. please don’t repeat it.

  6. olympus

    Apr 26th, 2014

    Sooo Funny :D

  7. All Episodes are outstanding and unique ….. Yeah I have finished watching it all …. Its a good way to describe the ending in season 2 …… Hope there will be more season to come hopefuly …… the manga has now reach its limits so then it would not have more season thouh…… Yeah but if U reading this maybe its not to late cause the manga didnt end yet so hurry up go to Nisekoi manga ….. Read it …… now I m waiting for the next chapter to be published on the site …… chapter 227 are on its way to be published so yeah …… dont waste U time go watch the Nisekoi manga all over from the start to this chapter its more details and more interesting days in the manga …… and it continued from the last episode of season 2 to a real feelings so watch it now ……..

    Have a good night ………. farewell see U all soon

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