Nisekoi Episode 7 English Subbed

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11 Responses to “Nisekoi Episode 7”

  1. Anemois

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    they got it wrong, she didn’t have blue eyes when she was a kid…

  2. lliilith

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    its a genetic thing her eyes change over time ^

  3. imundeadbro

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    the end is a twist in the story

  4. Xicotl

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    How many people in this anime have emotional baggage from a decade ago…

  5. lochedlock

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    ^almost all the main characters do haha

  6. Keibon

    Feb 23rd, 2014

    I’m liking where this is going :3

  7. animeloversp

    Feb 23rd, 2014

    LOL I want to know what they put in the water 10 years ago that made all these kid’s make some off promises

  8. Deathpulse

    Mar 11th, 2014

    ten years from now promise 69

  9. Afhir

    Jul 22nd, 2014

    i realy hope Raku and Kirisaki end up together ._.

  10. klamens

    Oct 1st, 2014

    this was really funny

  11. LolHunter

    Jun 3rd, 2015

    They fell in love in episode 20. And also between 10-18…

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