Nisemonogatari Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Karen Bee, Part One"

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Episode Summary: Koyomi wakes up just to find he is in an unknown location held captive. It happens to be Hitagi that captured and imprisoned him. She says she is doing so in order to protect him. Hitagi also takes this opportunity to tease Koyomi, which she takes great joy out of doing so. Going back to the morning of the day, Koyomi is involved in a short fix with Tsukihi after hearing that Karen is out, assuming she is making trouble. Koyomi then remembers Nadeko's invitation to her home in the past, so he decides to give Nadeko a call to see if she is free and wants to hang out with him. While on the way, Koyomi stumbles across Mayoi and decides to spend some time with her first. They talk for a long time while Mayoi gives Koyomi some friendly advice.

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  1. talo

    Jan 3rd, 2013


  2. razerchuk

    Jun 8th, 2013

    Sound problems – sound from opening scene is removed but animation plays, resulting in a delay in sound from the beginning of the opening scene onward. This also happens in this site’s Nisemonogatari episodes 2 and 3.

  3. Cj

    Jul 5th, 2013


  4. greenboxer


    Jan 26th, 2014

    yeah true, there is a problem on the sound, 26 Jan 2014 confirmed, the problem is still intact.
    we hope some hero will come and save the world..
    ..or maybe we should be the hero selves, editing manualy on our each video editor O_O,
    its a pain..

  5. SupMan

    Jun 29th, 2014

    What the fuck sound problems in episode 1, ep2 and ep3

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