Nisemonogatari Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Karen Bee, Part Three"

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Episode Summary: Koyomi stumbles on an intriguing figure who introduces himself as Deishū Kaiki on his way back from Suruga's house. Koyomi then meets Hitagi coincidentally on the street. They start to walk with each other but when Koyomi mentions that he has met Kaiki, Hitagi knocks him out. Back to the present, Hitagi confesses Kaiki was a con man who deceived her mother and is a dangerous person she wants him to avoid at all costs; this being her reason for imprisioning him. Koyomi then receives a text message from his younger sister asking for help. After seeing the text, Koyomi breaks free from the handcuffs with the help of his vampire strength. Hitagi still does not want Koyomi to leave and tells him that she is willing to fight if he does not comply with her. There is a phone call and Hitagi answers it. Hitagi is frantic and seems to be at the mercy of the speaker. After the phone call, Hitagi agrees to let Koyomi pass without a fight. When Koyomi asks who the caller was, Hitagi states that is was Tsubasa.

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    Sep 28th, 2012

    cant wait for more seasons of this anime and the movie! >->

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