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"Good and Evil"

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Episode Summary: Following Shion's mother's instruction, Shion and Nezumi pay a visit to Rikiga, an old friend of hers. When asked how he knew Shion's mother, Rikiga states that Karan had turned him down when he asked her out. Rikiga offers himself to take care of Shion, but Shion himself gets angry on him when he asks Nezumi to work for him as a male prostitute and the two leave. While cleaning Dog Keeper's dogs, Shion is inquired by her about his relationship with Nezumi, and when an angry Nezumi appears before him, she realizes he became attached to Shion. Believing Nezumi became soft because of Shion, Dog Keeper attacks Nezumi with her dogs, but their fight is interrupted when Shion arrives. Shion confesses to Nezumi that despite caring for his mother, he decides to live in the West Block with him, and has one of Nezumi's rats send a farewell message to his mother.

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  1. Shemaru

    Jun 2nd, 2015

    They are jump to fast in the story it wont last long not even ova or season 2 or special

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