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14 Responses to “No Game No Life Episode 4”

  1. Rangeracez

    Apr 30th, 2014

    This reminds me of another show I just cant remember what..

  2. AimanFaruq

    Apr 30th, 2014

    Oh sheleyt!! Omoshiroe

  3. baron

    Apr 30th, 2014

    no downloads yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nasrul

    Apr 30th, 2014

    OOOOO00000ooooo YESH!!!!!

  5. Elstender


    Apr 30th, 2014

    I Haven’t watched, I Just know that this is going to be awesome….

  6. ESH

    Apr 30th, 2014

    I love this anime

  7. estral


    Apr 30th, 2014

    I like this anime now if they just don’t screw it up

  8. samuraisone

    Apr 30th, 2014

    loving this anime

  9. klamens

    Apr 30th, 2014

    good ep

  10. NovaBlazeSurge

    May 2nd, 2014

    Just For Everyone to know, This covers Volume 1, there are up to 6 volumes out right now.

  11. spaceorion

    May 4th, 2014


  12. crnr


    May 4th, 2014

    and just like that they won?
    hahahaha wow really crying over spilled milk are we ?
    what ? 6digit wins?
    WTF? delaration of war against the world ? XD
    oh GOD why is every week a torture of waiting TT-TT

  13. Kenneth John J. Anana

    Jul 24th, 2014


  14. SisterComplexKingPin

    Aug 15th, 2014

    Best anime ever

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