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"Maidens with Black Hands"

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Episode Summary: The assassin Mireille Bouquet receives an e-mail from the schoolgirl Kirika Yuumura, inviting her on "a pilgrimage for the past". At first, Mireille dismisses it, but then a tune starts playing and catches her attention. After meeting Kirika on a construction site, where they kill a group of mysterious men in black suits who attack them, they visit Kirika's house. There they analyze the situation: Kirika was left alone with a probably false identity, a gun, which she handles expertly, with a clock that plays a tune that has some unrevealed meaning to Mireille, and her only memory being that she is "Noir". Using "Noir" as their codename, the two start working together as assassins to shed light on their mysterious pasts. However, Mireille makes it clear to Kirika that she plans on killing her once their goal is achieved.

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