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"The True Noir"
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Episode Summary: Noir is hired to kill a corrupt policeman, as well as Judge D'Estaing, a corrupt court official. However, as they arrive to kill the policeman, they find him dead already. The first half of their payment arrives and the underworld seems to believe that Noir is responsible. A young woman named Chloe awaits the corrupt Judge D'Estaing in his workroom. She admits killing the policeman and warns him that Noir will take his life. When Kirika and Mireille face him in a library at night, they are suddenly surrounded by policemen. Chloe appears and the three of them fight and kill the policemen. Afterwards, Chloe kills Judge D'Estaing and introduces herself as the "True Noir". Mireille and Kirika point their guns at Chloe, but she proves faster than Mireille and holds a knife to her throat. She challenges Kirika to try to see who is faster. By not acting, Kirika declines and Chloe leaves the room.

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