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"Moonlit Tea Party"

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Episode Summary: Mireille and Kirika are contacted by a man working for Les Soldats. They meet him in a park. After a short conversation, he tells them that they should meet again in three days and leaves. The two speculate that the encounter is somehow related to their recent meeting with Chloe. The man who met them is sought out by Chloe, who tells him that men have been sent to kill the two. At the appointed time in the park, Mireille and Kirika fight and kill a number of men in black. The man they met does not appear. As the two ponder over the meaning of his words, Chloe knocks at the door. She enters uninvited. Mireille considers shooting her, but Kirika invites her to have some tea. As she leaves, Chloe asks whether she may keep the fork that Kirika had hidden in her sleeve the whole time.

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