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"The Cold-Blooded Killer Act 2"

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Episode Summary: Mireille and Kirika meet with the Soldats' messenger, but their meeting is shortly cut off by Shaoli and the Triads that has been tailing the messenger all along. After knocking Mireille off a building several feet, Shaoli and the Triads take Mireille into custody to lure Kirika. However, with the help of Chloe, Kirika takes down the Triads. Mireille and Kirika infiltrate the estate of the Triads, murdering Wu, the leader of the Triads. Elsewhere, Shaoli invites Yun, a worker for Les Soldats who leaked information for the Triads, into her house. She discreetly poisons him, in order to end his betrayal for Les Soldats. Meanwhile, Mireille and Kirika set out to look for Shaoli, but stumble upon Chloe, who leads them to an old warehouse, where Shaoli is. Shaoli asks Chloe if she can join Les Soldats, but Chloe declines, which infuriates Shaoli. Chloe kills Shaoli with a sword, and Mireille and Kirika witness her death.

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