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"Return to Corsica"

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Episode Summary: Mireille decides to return to her homeland island, Corsica, the place of her family's murder. Mireille encounters the maid, Mary, who was happy to see her. She also meets Mary's husband, Victor, as well. She is then escorted to see Bertonie, a friend of the Bouquet family. He tells her to see George Madelin, her father's right-hand man, to search for the truth of her parents' death. She goes to see Madelin at his house, but he only responds to her with fright. She manages to find him in a bar, showing him the watch with the familiar tune. Madelin tells her to meet with him at the family court garden, where he tells her the truth about the origins of her family's power. It is revealed that Mireille's parents were members of Les Soldats. Just as Madelin was about to uncover the truth about her parent's death, he is sniped by an assassin, who had been tailed Mireille since her arrival in Corsica. Before Madelin dies, he tells Mireille that her parents died for protecting her. Soon after, Mireille pursues the assassin, however Chloe enters and kills him. Chloe says to Mireille that Kirika is the True Noir, just like Chloe. She goes on to say that Mireille should not prevent Kirika from finding out her real identity.

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