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"The Darkness Within Me"

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Episode Summary: Mireille and Kirika are seen target-practicing in their usual underground sewers. Recalling what Chloe told Mireille, Mireille, confused and traumatized, forces Kirika to get out of her sight, calling Kirika a disturbing enigma. Kirika leaves, obviously distressed about Mireille's words and her own mysterious past. Kirika is summoned by one of Les Soldats' messengers, telling her about "Le Grand Retour", an event planned by Altena which will revolutionize the Soldats and change its present form. However, the messenger says that he disagrees with this plan. He tells her about the poem from the book of Les Sodats mentioned before, link to her pass and her identity, which could be found in a company building. Kirika heads over to the building, only to find it invaded. She finds a dead businessman holding a few copied pages of the book, and contacts the messenger in disappointment. The messenger then tells her to meet him in the evening in the town square to retrieve the copy of the book. Chloe later encounters her, telling her that Mireille will be in danger in a different place at the same time. Kirika eventually chooses to save Mireille, instead of getting the copies, which surprises Mireille.

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