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"Two Hands of the Soldats"

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Episode Summary: Together, Mireille and Kirika research for any other information on the Langumal Manuscript, the name of the book of Les Soldats. They meet with a professor, who tells them that there is third copy of the Langumal Manuscript, whereas the first two copies were burned during a war. They eventually find out that Casper Edlinger, a multimillionaire, possesses the third copy. They contact a meeting with him, only to find out that his share of the Langumal Manuscript was destroyed during a house fire of his own. Mireille and Kirika then encounter Chloe, who recites a passage from the Langumal Manuscript and explains the true meaning of "Noir". The three soon are ambushed by workers of Les Soldats, but defeat them rather easily. Chloe reveals to Kirika that she was born and raised to be assassin. They attempt to perform a ritual, but Mireille stops them. It seems as if Kirika is getting closer and closer to recovering her memories.

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