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"Sentiments for the Remaining Flower"

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Episode Summary: While the pilgrimage for Kirika is finished, Mireille tries to return to her usual routine as an assassin. She is confronted by Remy Breffort, a council member of Les Soldats, who try to convince her to join Les Soldats. He tells her to become a part of Noir by killing either Kirika or Chloe. She later finds Breffort in a company building, where he explains that joining Les Soldats will increase the power and wealth of the Bouquet family. Back at her apartment, Mireille finds a letter written by Kirika, saying her last regards. She meets with Breffort, telling him that she will go to the Manor for her own sake. She realizes why her parents went against Les Soldats, and by knowing, she won't make the same mistake by joining. Breffort sees Mireille off as she prepares to travel to the Manor. Meanwhile, Kirika, already at the Manor, encounters Altena welcoming her.

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