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"Dark Return"

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Episode Summary: Altena explains to Kirika her purpose in life as an assassin, while Chloe explains to her the lifestyle in the Manor as an assassin. The following day, Borne and Marennes, the two leading priestess among the Les Soldats priestesses, arrive. They are summoned to the Manor by Altena for the Noir revival ritual. Kirika and Chloe train in a sword fight, and Kirika manages to break Chloe's sword. After they take a bath, Chloe shows Kirika the fork that was given to her, calling it her "most precious treasure". Afterward, Altena hands Kirika her gun, however Kirika is reminded of her past, devastating her. She points the gun at Altena, and Altena tells her that Les Soldats are sinners living together in search of peace, which calms her down.

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