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"The Depth of Hell's Fire"

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Episode Summary: Mireille arrives at the Manor to claim her Noir title. Chloe reminds Kirika that they were destined to live together as one. Mireille sees them and begin to attack them within the ruins of a temple. When Kirika attempts to shoot Mireille, Mireille tosses the watch as a distraction. As it drops, the familiar tune plays, stopping Kirika makes her remembers what happened when she killed Mireille's family. Chloe finds them and intercedes. It is revealed that Mireille's mother asked Kirika to care for Mireille, before Kirika shot her. As Chloe attempts to kill Mireille with a knife, Kirika arrives just in time to half the blade with a shot before it pierces her partner. Chloe becomes enraged, and first attacks Kirika, then Mireille. Kirika, nearly in tears, sacrifices Chloe, stabbing her with the fork that was given to her.

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