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Episode Summary: Altena finds out from Borne that Chloe has passed away. Mireille and Kirika enter the Manor, facing many priestesses, including Marennes. Altena, after being called a traitor, shoots Borne. Altena leads Mireille and Kirika to the low levels of the Manor, declaring that their "pilgrimage has come to an end". Mireille becomes enraged, but Altena injures her with a shot. She then urges Kirika to kill her, therefore living on as the True Noir. Altena impatiently aims her gun at Mireille, shoots, and is shocked that Kirika took the bullet for Mireille. Kirika charges at Altena, both falling into a flaming pit, which Altena was standing near. Mireille saves Kirika, and Altena falls into the pit. They later passed by Breffort and the other council members of Les Soldats, seeking the light of freedom through the darkness of sin. The last thing seen is the broken watch of the Les Soldats lying in the ruins of the temple as two gunshots ring out.

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