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Episode Summary: As Hiyori ends up drifting out of her body more often than not, she takes advantage of her new agile form. Despite being reminded by Hiyori about the job she paid him for, Yato insists that he can't do anything until he gets a new Regalia. Assuming a Regalia could be made from any phantom, Hiyori goes in search of one, only for it to turn out to be a really hostile one. Hiyori attempts to fight the phantom herself but is stopped by Yato, who is injured in the process. After retreating to treat his 'blight' wound, which can spread if left untreated, Yato explains that Hiyori's tail is what connects her to her physical form, and if it is cut, she will die. The phantom returns, and Yato spots an uncorrupted spirit and claims it as his new Regalia, which takes the form of a white katana, allowing Yato to defeat the phantom. Yato afterwards decides to name his Regalia Yukine, which transforms into the form a teenage human boy.

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