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Episode Summary: After Yato teaches Yukine how to make a borderline, which regalia can use against phantoms, Hiyori decides to have Yukine live in her house, feeling Yato can't look after him properly. After some reluctance, Yato agrees to let Yukine stay with her. Yato ends up sneaking himself too, keeping Yukine in check before he gets any ideas about Hiyori. The next day, Yukine runs away after Hiyori stops him from stealing a skateboard, with Yato later explaining to her that any impure thoughts Yukine has results in pain for himself. Whilst running away, Yukine encounters a little girl, which he later learns to be the spirit of a girl who died in a traffic accident. However, the girl ends up getting possessed by a phantom and becomes consumed by it, forcing Yato to use Yukine to defeat her against his will .

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