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"Scary Person"
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Episode Summary: Yukine, depressed about being used by Yato to kill the girl spirit instead of saving her, steals the skateboard he had his eye on before. When Yato stops him, Hiyori appears, deciding to cover for Yukine by claiming she bought it for him. Just then, a god named Bishamon, holding a personal grudge against him, appears and attacks Yato. Hiyori calls Kofuku and Daikoku to help, tracking Yato's location using her sense of smell. However, Kofuku's attempt to stop the battle ends up making things worse by causing a huge hole with raging storms appear. Bishamon tries to take advantage of the situation, dealing some damage to Yato, but is urged by one of her regalia, Kazuma, to retreat to protect her other regalia.

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    the trollvid link is corrupted and ends at 13min (happens sometimes with horriblesubs) – I’ll replace it shortly.

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    Nice epsisode i wonder how powerful is Nora

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