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Episode Summary: Daikoku and Kofuku only allow Hiyori to come through the borderline so she can cleanse her blight, stating that Yato will die unless Yukine receives punishment by ablution. Although Daikoku manages to enlist the help of Mayu, he struggles to find a third Regalia to help perform the ablution. Rejecting the thought of calling on Nora, as she might kill Yukine, Hiyori goes to Bishamon's shrine to request Kazuma's help. As the three Regalias get together, they discover Yukine's back is covered with phantoms and begin their ablution, in which Yukine must endure pain until he confesses to his sins, or otherwise transform into a phantom himself. Yukine admits his crimes and expresses his jealousy of the living and his envy of what they have. As Yukine's condition worsens, Hiyori and Yato calls out to him, reminding him that they are his friends, and the name Yato gave him is that of a person's. Hearing this, Yukine apologises for all the bad things he had done, allowing the ablution to be successfully carried out. With both Yato and Yukine back to normal, they both feel thankful towards Hiyori for saving their lives. Meanwhile, Nora has awakened a god named Rabo, who has a grudge against Yato.

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