Nozo x Kimi OVA 1 English Subbed

You are watching Nozo x Kimi OVA 1 English Subbed from the Nozo x Kimi Anime Show. Watch or Download Nozo x Kimi OVA 1 MP4 English Sub and other episodes of Nozo x Kimi Streamed for Free.

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11 Responses to “Nozo x Kimi OVA 1”

  1. Mystic

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    why is there an ova but no episodes

  2. coletawny

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    Me like this .. Perv, but still in some way funny :D

  3. Mystic

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    is it good

  4. etopen

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    Wow.. thanks ragingfox

  5. Aorus Kamina

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    I preffered the manga. If only because her new design doesn’t give off the same vibe of being teasing and slightly sadistic in nature, oh well. This is nice too.

  6. stingthegreat


    Aug 23rd, 2014

    when i read the review it look like nozoki ana…
    i like :)

  7. DemonKingSatanEx

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    it the same mangaka , nozoki ana and nozo x kimi

  8. cynan

    Aug 26th, 2014

    not ……

  9. Kiddflag

    Aug 27th, 2014

    This like that manga called nozomi to kimio

  10. ChristianGaming


    Sep 1st, 2014

    i prefer nozoki ana

  11. zeek

    Oct 1st, 2014

    lol it has the same writer..

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