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"A thousand wind, the search for beauty"
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Episode Summary: Chihiro battles Mikaze to protect Maya but she ends up being defeated by Mikaze.It is revealed that Mikaze was behind all the strange incidents in the village, having summoned the Mothmen and the Chupacabras With her last ounce of strength, she frees Bunmei from the spell he was put in. Maya is helped by Chihiro's assistant in the form of a flying jaguar. Mikaze manages to get a direct hit and Maya and her guardian plummets and crash at the roof of the Occult Academy. Bunmei reaches Maya in time and reveals that the true spellbook wasn't destroyed, but was only a decoy to fool Mikaze. Mikaze is shocked and tries to kill Bunmei with her Black Magic. Maya snaps a picture of them fighting only to realize that it was the Key of Nostradamus. Bunmei resists her spell and reads aloud the chant to seal all beings of darkness from the area. Maya repeats after him and Mikaze disappears in a brilliant flash of light along with all the other monster and anomalies of the village. The town returns to normal and Maya and Bunmei, having thought that they destroyed the Nostradamus' Key, enjoy once again peace.

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