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Episode Summary: Mikaze is defeated, but Bunmei finds that the future is still unaltered. Maya invited Fumiaki, Bunmei's younger self to the year-end ceremonies. Bunmei contacts the future and is told that meeting his younger self might be the True Nostradamus Key. Maya cancels the opening, evoking Fumiaki's mother's rage. Fumiaki wanders off alone to Occult Academy, while his mother searches frantically for him. Before Bunmei's departure, Bunmei encounters his younger self and a rift in the fabric of time occurs.Fumiaki tries to fight the aliens, but is quickly cast aside. Bunmei grabs the spoon his mother placed in Fumiaki's pocket and regains his Psychokinetic Abilities. He fights the aliens on his own and enters the rift to close it, but not before telling Maya to take care of his younger self. The Rift disappears and Maya and Fumiaki walk off into the distance. In the future, Maya's father, who was revealed to be still alive and commander of the Alien Resistance, finds that the world has changed. He returns to his home, while Curry, Bunmei's favorite dish, is being served.

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