Omamori Himari Episode 4 English Subbed

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"The White Cat of Noihara"

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Episode Summary: In an attempt to make Yuto remember his forgotten past, Himari decides to invite him to go to Noihara with her. Unfortunately, Rinko and Shizuku tag along with them on their own agendas to Himari's disappointment. Upon arriving at Yuto's late grandparents' house, they are greeted by the Zashiki-warashi Kaya, who bears a grudge against Yuto for having Himari leave her by herself. Later on, after remembering his past with Himari through a walk in the forest, the Hinoenma Ageha appears for Yuto's life, and just when they are about to retreat to the house, a Daidarabotchi blocks their path. Back at the house, Rinko, Kaya, and Shizuku are attacked by an ippon-datara named Sasa. Back at the forest, Himari has a tough time fighting Ageha and the Daidarabotchi and orders Yuto to head back to the house. However, while running, he hesitates to let himself be protected by Himari and heads back to the battle, where he blocks Ageha’s finishing blow with his body. Himari, after seeing the scar on his chest, starts to lose her sanity and goes on a berserker rampage, incapacitating the Daidarabotchi and almost killing Ageha until Yuto intervenes by grabbing a nearby twig and blocking the final blow. Suddenly, the twig starts to glow with a bright light which envelops the battlefield.

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