Omamori Himari Episode 6 English Subbed

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"Kiss x Cat x KISS"

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Episode Summary: Himari engages in a fight with Kuesu but gets cut off when the latter puts up a barrier to keep her away. Inside the barrier, Kuesu reveals that Yuto's grandfather had arranged their marriage. Kuesu then kisses Yuto, causing the latter to remember the kiss by the lake where it is revealed the girl kissing him was actually Kuesu. Himari breaks through the barrier but Kuesu escapes and kisses Yuto again to her annoyance, with Kuesu claiming it is her third kiss with him. She then tells Yuto to cut his relations with the ayakashi and vanishes. At the forest, the other ayakashi are talking about Kuesu's recent appearance and Yuto's powers awakening until Shizuku intervenes, telling she will kill Kuesu herself. Back at Yuto's house, Himari grow irritated at Kuesu kissing Yuto, and practices kissing in front of a mirror. Meanwhile, Kuesu engages Shizuku in an intensifying fight, which ends with her pinning Shizuku on the back of a billboard. However, when Shizuku teases Kuesu on her spells and insults her being the weakest of the twelve families, a vexed Kuesu casts a barrage of powerful fire spells, forcing Shizuku to retreat. Back at Yuto's house, Himari has trouble going to sleep over the kiss from earlier. Desperate, she asks Yuto to kiss her much to his shock. After explaining her current situation to him, she apologizes and decides to go back until Yuto grabs her wrist. Just when he was about to kiss her on the cheek, the doorbell rings and, just before Himari could tell him about it, gets kissed on the lips to Yuto's surprise as her cat ears begin showing. Back at the hotel, Kuesu reinforces her goal to obtain Yuto.

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