Omamori Himari Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Curiosity killed the cat"

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Episode Summary: After tending to an injured Himari, Yuto heads over to the hotel where Kuesu is staying to talk. After receiving a warm welcome from Kuesu, Yuto explains why he refuses to join her and declines their proposed marriage. Annoyed, Kuesu slices his cheek with a dagger and nearly kills him until Yuto's Light Ferry powers sends Kuesu back towards a window, eventually falling to her death. Yuto's memories of the promise Kuesu mentioned earlier comes to light, leaving him ashamed that he could not remember before an unscathed Kuesu appears behind him, telling him that the promise they've made was the only thing keeping her alive. After she accidentally tells Yuto about wanting to fulfill his desires, Himari appears, having heard the entire thing after the barrier Kuesu put was broken. Kuesu, embarrassed, quickly takes back her words as Himari has Aya, a spirit messenger, vomit numerous weapons for her to pick out to Kuesu's disgust. Meanwhile in a forest, numerous ayakashi lay dead and mutilated while two small ayakashi run for their lives, only for them to get eaten by a mysterious figure.

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