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"The Weirdest Guy Ever! Jango the Hypnotist!"
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Episode Summary: At Kaya's mansion", Klahadore goes on about how Usopp's father is a filthy pirate, making Usopp livid and punch him in the face. Klahadore continues taunting Usopp, who eventually leaves. Later, Kaya is crying in her room. Klahadore enters to bring her a meal and reminds her of the day he came to the mansion, when he was battered and her father took him in. He then claims that if anything happened to Kaya, he would not forgive himself. The Usopp Pirates, Nami, and Zoro encounter Jango , who claims to be only a passing hypnotist. He then hypnotizes the Usopp Pirates—and accidentally himself—into falling asleep in the middle of the road. Later, by a cliff overlooking the ocean, Luffy and Usopp witness Jango and Klahadore—whose true identity turns out to be that of the infamous pirate Captain Kuro—plotting a raid of the village and a murder of Kaya. Luffy yells at them not to get rid of Kaya, but Jango uses his hypnotism to put Luffy to sleep, causing him to fall off the cliff. He lands on his head and appears to be dead. They do not worry about Usopp knowing," because of his reputation as a liar.

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