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"A Recipe Handed Down! Sanji, The Iron Man of Curry!"
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Episode Summary: In a thick bank of fog, the Straw Hats run into a fleet of navy ships. Surprised by the sight of the skull and crossbones on the pirate ship's sails, the young trainee cook Tajiyo falls off of his navy vessel. Robin catches him before he hits the water and the boy regains consciousness in the Straw Hats' cabin. Scared at first, he loosens up when presented by Sanji with a soup of surprising quality. The small cook reveals his problem: he spilled the day's production of curry and has been charged with replacing it. To compound the issue, the fleet's captains plan to dine aboard his ship. Luffy and Sanji take Tajiyo back to his ship, where Sanji provides him with subtle cooking advice. Tajiyo's new curry turns out perfectly and the Straw Hats escape before the fog lifts in the mid-day sun.

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