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"I Will Make it Bloom! Usopp, The Man, And the Eight-Foot Shell!"
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Episode Summary: Because it is raining, Luffy reads out of boredom. Fortunately for him, the Straw Hats' ship reaches the next island. Walking through its port town, they learn that the island known for its yearly fireworks show, which was to occur that day. The fireworks factory, run by an old man named Odama and his granddaughter Kodama, is on a hill outside the town. Usopp goes there, hoping for an opportunity to buy gunpowder. At the factory, he helps Odama and Kodama prepare for the show. Usopp learns that Kodama plans to secretly fire the second of two eight-shaku-tall firework balls to fulfill her parents' dream. Her parents died the previous year after the first misfired, and Usopp convinces Kodama that it is too dangerous for her to fire it. Usopp uses a tall, ancient building to safely launch the large firework ball.

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