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"How's Tricks? The Designs of Zenny the Moneylender!"
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Episode Summary: The Straw Hats continue to do Zenny's daily work and finish building his pirate ship, which he intends to use as a coffin. Zoro eventually realizes that the three days until Zenny's death, which Chopper had diagnosed, have long passed, but by the time he convinces the others to leave, Nami has already lost the Straw Hats' ship in a game of chess. Robin wins it back and they all have a party. As Zenny becomes drunk, he recollects his past as a moneylender who lent money to pirates. He describes how he was shipwrecked twenty years earlier, and that he, in hopes of one day becoming a pirate, started building a ship. As the years passed, he became too old for a pirate's life. Luffy disagrees, saying that pirates can be of any age. The next day, a group of marines lures the Straw Hats into a trap. To save them, Zenny and his goats ride his ship down the mountainside.

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