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"Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Old Man Henzo of Luluka Island!"
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Episode Summary: After escaping from another fleet of navy ships, the Straw Hats drop anchor outside a town with a huge tower. After they set foot on land, an official demands that they pay a harbor tax. The Straw Hats meet a scientist named Henzo," who asks them if they have seen what he calls the ""Rainbow Mist."" The other citizens of the town dislike Henzo because they have to pay high taxes to fund for his research. While shopping with Nami and Chopper", Sanji has a violent encounter with a tax collector, who is wearing an electric battle suit. A large, unmanned galley appears in the harbor, in the same condition that Henzo saw it fifty years ago. Henzo, Luffy, Robin, and Usopp board it. Further out at sea, a rainbow-colored mist appears and the group uses the Straw Hats' ship to enter it.

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