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"Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack!"
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Episode Summary: Kokoro and her granddaughter Chimeney contact the Straw Hats by means of Nami's portable transponder snail phone. They inform them of Luffy's location and instruct them on how to lower the courthouse's drawbridge. The Franky Family decides to lower it. Just then, the second of Enies Lobby's elite units enters the battle. One of the Guilty Jurymen throws his massive iron ball at Gomorrah, knocking him down. Behind them, Sogeking is riding to the courthouse on the shoulders of one of the giants with whom he has managed to ally. Gomorrah, arising again despite severe injury, tells those riding him to hold on as he plans to take them to their destination. Inside the Tower of Justice, Kaku and Kalifa hesitatingly eat the devil fruits that Spandam has given them.

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