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"A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream"
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Episode Summary: The ""ally of justice"" (正義の味方 seigi no mikata?) Chopper Man (チョッパーマン Choppā Man?) and his ""lovely assistant"" (可憐なる助手 karen naru joshu?) Namifia (ナミフィア?) battle against the ""incarnation of evil"" (悪の権化 aku no gonge?) Dr. Usodabada (ウソダバダ?)"," his henchmen ""onigiri mystery-man"" (おにぎり怪人 onigiri kaijin?) Zorokiller (ゾロキラー Zorokillā?)"," ""flower mystery-woman"" (お花怪人 ohana kaijin?) Robiflowan (ロビフラワン Robifurawan?)"," and the ""perverted monster"" (エロかいじゅう ero kaijū?) Sanjilops (サンジロプス Sanjiropusu?)"," as well as against his ""secret weapon"" (秘密兵器 himitsu heiki?)"," the ""giant robot"" (巨大ロボ kyodai robo?) Giant Luffy Bomber (ジャイアント·ルフィボンバー Jaianto Rufibonbā?).

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  1. Stephen

    Aug 5th, 2012

    if its not a frekin super long preview its a god damn flash back damn one piece is getting boring

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