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"Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jyabura Transform"
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Episode Summary: Zoro and Kaku engage in an intense sword fight. Directly beneath them, Sogeking fails to steal a key from the sleeping CP9 assassin Jyabura. Eventually, Kaku makes use of his newly gained devil fruit power. He transforms into a giraffe, causing the floor to collapse. He and Zoro fall down a story, interrupting the fight between Sogeking and Jyabura. The fighting halts as everyone entertains themselves by making fun of Kaku's ridiculous appearance. Enraged, Kaku uses his new power to vertically cut the building in half. As the confusion subsides, Zoro and Sogeking realize that they accidentally handcuffed themselves together. Meanwhile, Luffy searches high and low for the Tower of Justice for Robin and her captors.

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